Taxi Ride Stats for Lenox Hill East to Sunnyside

The taxi ride from Lenox Hill East to Sunnyside should only take you (on average) about 17 minutes.

This makes sense, as the total driving distance is (on average) 3.77 miles. If your ride has been much longer than this, I’d check in with your driver to make sure you aren’t on some alternate path.

This is much better than the walking, as walking would take about 66.0 minutes to walk from Lenox Hill East to Sunnyside at a 17.5 minutes per mile pace.

This taxi ride, from Lenox Hill East to Sunnyside should only cost you (on average) $20.3 including tip. If you get a bill that is much higher than this, I’d double check that something was not misscalculated by your taxi driver.

When new to the city, tipping is always something we recieve emails about. The average tip for Lenox Hill East to Sunnyside is 2.2. While, we do see people tip 0.0, and our records indicate that the maximum tip for this route is $20.0

The total cost above included the average tip, and in New York City, it’s expected that you tip your drivers.

The trip from from Lenox Hill East to Sunnyside will include an MTA Tax of 0.4, which we already included in the $20.3 above.

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Taxi Ride Statistics for Lenox Hill East to Sunnyside

Statistic Value
Pick Up Borough Manhattan
Pick Up Zone Lenox Hill East
Drop Off Borough Queens
Drop Off Zone Sunnyside
Average Trip Distance 3.77 miles
Average Cost $20.3
Average Tip $2.2
Maximum Tip Seen $20.0
Minimum Tip Seen $0.0
Average Trip Duration 17 minutes
Average MTA Tax $0.49
Walking Time 66.02 minutes

Why We Love Sunnyside?

Sunnyside is a vibrant and diverse community in Queens, New York.

There is always something happening in Sunnyside - whether it’s a street fair, concert, or parade.

The people of Sunnyside are friendly and welcoming, and there is a sense of community spirit that is unique and special.

There is something for everyone in Sunnyside, and it’s a great place to call home.

How We Calculate Our Numbers

All of our statistics come from real-world data.

For example, for this subset of the data, we take all records for Lenox Hill East to Sunnyside and average them together.

While your trip may be slightly different, we believe this general approach to information gathering can help you while you are new to the city.

Use these numbers as a guiding light, they may not be exact for your journey

New York City is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we hope you enjoy your trip!

Remember to Tip Your Drivers!

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